Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scott Brown

So it appears the people of Massachusetts are done, for the moment at least, with the Kennedy dynasty. I really don't care about it - I don't live there, and as for Scott Brown, I am not sure why folks are so excited (unless they are really just That Tired of the Kennedys). At least, I don't know why conservatives are excited. The man believes that a child's life should ultimately be a decision between a woman and her doctor, hello. Not exactly what I call pro-life.

But at least he is not in favor of taxpayer money being used to end that life, which is an improvement over Martha Coakley. And although I believe we need this health care, need a public option (which we probably won't get), we also need transparency, we need to know what is going on with this bill, instead of having it get shoved thru like cattle thru a chute. Why isn't everything being aired on CSPAN? That is what Obama promised.

And, it is good that the Democrats do not have such unlimited control over the Senate anymore. It isn't good for either party to feel so comfortable, like they can do what they want no matter what. They forget that they were elected by CONSTITUENTS, who can vote them out the next time around. Power corrupts, goes to people's heads when they don't think they have to be accountable anymore.

So. I guess the people of Massachusetts remembered that, even if Congress didn't.

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