Friday, January 22, 2010

Good news; random stuff

Well, I am feeling chipper, just found out I am getting paid for some of my jobs this week. Wasn't really expecting it so that is great. Unfortunately, there are no jobs in the immediate future, which is not so great. But, such is life. If I don't have editing work I will just concentrate more on my Melaleuca business and my schoolwork. Also will try to focus more on keeping the house clean. Heheheheh...

Also Wyatt is feeling a lot better, which eases my mind. Since his surgery he had not felt like eating much, lost several pounds etc. Which is a big deal, as he only weighed like 78 to start with. But, today he said his throat did not hurt when he ate, and was interested in ice cream etc. :)

School I think will go well this semester. Earth science is interesting, and reading has always been something I enjoy. This week it's Frankenstein, lol. We shall see if I can stay awake for that. I'm only taking 7 credits, so it should not be too hard.

Anyway... SpongeBob is on, kids are fighting... time to referee. Ho-hum. :)

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