Saturday, January 16, 2010

Various injustices etc.

In my current project I was reading about how (supposedly, I was not there so I am assuming this is accurate) back in the middle part of the 1900s police used to routinely raid gay bars, arrest people, and publish their names/pictures in the paper. I just can't figure out what that could possibly accomplish. Really. I mean what, is that supposed to make people want to go straight? How could we ever think that was a good thing?

**Don't get me wrong. I believe the Bible, and it says homosexuality is an abomination to God. I believe that, and believing that is NOT being judgmental. And I have the Right to teach my children that.**

Having said that, I also believe it is not my place to heckle or in any way harass, mock, or trouble (and for heaven's sake, assault??) someone who lives this way. That is between them and God. Anyway why single out that particular issue? Gossip is also a big deal - mentioned SO many times in scripture as harmful. Hypocrisy. Adultery - that includes the men involved, yes. Not just the women.

But I am getting off topic here. Why do we not reach out more to people in general? Especially if we disagree with their lifestyle. Why do we not simply treat every person with dignity and respect, and not concern ourselves with what we can't - and shouldn't - control? Also, why do we want to control other people anyway? Is it because we can't control our own selves?

On the flip side of that, why do we sometimes think that just because we know someone who is gay (I have relatives who are, for instance) it means we have to condone it? It really is perfectly ok to love someone without AGREEING with everything they do. It seems like we either think we have to be AGAINST the person, or completely approve of their actions. We don't. We also don't need to try to change them. It is not our job.

Anyway. Back to the original topic, I find it really sad that we could ever think it was ok to brutalize people - for any reason. Whether for race, gender, or lifestyle choice, it is just so not ok.

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