Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pet peeves

This suddenly popped into my mind, for no particular reason. One thing that really annoys me is the way people will go about their business, day after day, with no thought whatsoever for God, no gratitude for the blessings in their lives. Until they need something - maybe someone is sick, or there is a death in the family, or some other crisis - and then Suddenly you hear them prattling on about God, and his will, and "saying a prayer," and yada yada yada ad nauseum. Then when the sick person is better (or properly buried) it's business as usual till the next crisis. Why should he help you? You really think he OWES you?? If you give your kids everything they need, special stuff now and then, and they Never give you credit for it, and the only time they talk to you - or even ABOUT you in a positive way - is when they need something... Wouldn't that get old after a while?
Oh, and another one. Isn't it interesting how people will blatantly live their lives AGAINST God, doing everything he says NOT to do, and then when their lives fall apart they want to blame him. Really?? Come on! Play the game, pay the price, quit being such a Baby already. You deliberately ignore God's instructions - go so far as to say he has no Right to tell You what to do - and then blame him cause it didn't work out. Grow Up.


  1. You present some accurate observations on human nature. It is like the human race literally stops growing emotionally like any other addicted to the ways of the world. However, I remember when I was the same, until I got a glimpse of God's love and wanted more.

  2. I once heard that the Torah (Instruction) is like a fence, guarding His children on one side against all that can hurt and injure us on the other side. We have plenty of room (liberty)inside this fence, plenty of food and water, and a loving Father watching over us. Why we want to break through that fence and place our lives in peril is beyond me. I've been out there, almost encouraged by church to explore it--grace abounds where sin abounds--but I am a witness to the fact that I love that fence, the One who put it there, and the wonderful libery I have in His pasture. Thank you for your observations--for those who hate God love death.