Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Abortion and health care

So I am hearing stuff about abortion in the senate version of the health care bill. As with many things that get people's feathers ruffled, I find the hype over it somewhat more sensational than the apparent facts. It appears to me that not much will change if they pass it -- apparently a lot of insurance companies already cover abortion. Makes money sense I guess... Pay $500 to kill it now or pay $10,000 for its birth in a few months. But, I digress. Anyway, so it seems to me that some of the uproar may be misplaced. If the purpose is to give government subsidies to help people buy insurance from regular companies, then it will depend on those companies.

Supposedly there will be both types of insurance companies available to choose from - those who cover abortion as well as those who don't. People will have the CHOICE to buy from those companies that provide it, or from those who don't. I guess people's wallets will speak to what they Really want, won't they?

Having said that, if the unborn are lucky, some of that stuff will be worked out anyway if they try to merge it with the House bill. Kudos to Stupak, speaking of the House bill. Way to go.

Anyway, since when is abortion health care? Seriously, I mean unless it's a case of rape OR physical health/life endangerment, what does it have to do with health care? Why is it even part of the bill, why should the government -- or rather your tax dollars and mine -- be paying for it? There is a new invention, folks, called birth control. Apparently many people have yet to hear about it. Use it. If you can't be responsible enough to do so, and you aren't ready to be a parent, then keep those zippers zipped. Thank you.

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